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September 03, 2008

Video from Slow Food Nation: LF Talks with Tablehopper

Last Saturday I posted a bit about the Slow Food Nation event here in San Francisco. What I didn't tell you is that I was a roving reporter for the event organizers, capturing a few short video interviews with farmers and artisanal food producers. These videos were shot and edited quickly by my accomplice, filmmaker Beth LaDove, and appear on the Slow Food Nation (SFN) home page in a YouTube playlist. I thought I'd post a few of the videos here over the next few days with commentary. The farmers and artisans that we talked to were not only from the San Francisco Bay area; they were from all over the country. And many of them, BTW, do mail order or online sales.

To give you an idea of how festive the environment at SFN was, I'll start out by posting (above) an interview not with a farmer or artisan but with an food/restaurant e-columnist, Marcia Gagliardi of Tablehopper.com who I caught up with in the Spirits Pavilion. If you haven't heard of Marcia (rhymes with Garcia) and you live here in San Francisco (or you plan to visit San Francisco), you must take a look at her site which has reports on the latest and greatest local restaurant news and gossip, reviews of restaurants and bars, and notices of culinary events. It's terrific -- very insider-ish. I always consult the site when I want to try a new restaurant.

We have several things in common, Marcia and I: we both write about food, we're both of Calabrese Italian descent and one of each of our parents frequently trespasses private property in the name of "foraging" for mustard greens, prickly pears and other delectables. Someday I'll have to introduce my mother to her father. I think they'd get along like, uh, thieves.


Carla - love the videocasts from WFN on the weekend. Especially the pickle guys and the beer guys. I think that truly loving/ loving food is the key out of this food mess, and what I see from here is very encouraging.
great blog!

Thanks, John. I think you're right. The key to change is not bashing the opposition as much as just giving love and attention to what's right and to what you want to build, which in turn creates more positive energy around the subject and attracts others.

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