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July 04, 2007

"Tree Share" for Unpasteurized Almonds

Loophole In states where dairy regulations forbid consumers their constitutional right to purchase raw milk in stores or directly from farmers, consumers are entering into "cow share" or "farm share" agreements with the farmer.

In a cow share agreement, consumers pay a farmer a fee for boarding their cow, (or share of a cow), caring for the cow and milking the cow. The cow share owner then obtains (but does not purchase) the milk from his own cow. This arrangement is similar to arrangements of owning a share in a racehorse or a bull.

Steven and I have written about the new law requiring the pasteurization of almonds (see Pasteurized Almonds: Not Raw but Raw-ng and today's post by Steven, Raw Almonds: All Fueled Up!)

One of the local farmers that hooked us up in the group nut buy in December will be using a cow-share-like arrangement to get around the pasteurization rule. Customers will be able to "rent a tree" for the season. That way customers own the nuts and can do what they want with them. The rent will be determined by the harvest amount. Brilliant.

As soon as my almonds from the last group buy run out, I will be contacting the farmer about this and will possibly be conducting another group buy. If you are interested in participating, leave a comment so I can get an idea of the number of participants.

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People who live near where almonds are grown (California) are in luck: the law does allow unpasteurized almonds to be sold direct by farmers, at farm stands or farmers' markets.

How does the tree share work? Do we go and pick them ourselves? Would love to participate if within reasonable distance from SF.

I would like to buy unpasterized almonds, when available

i'm a nutter

I am totally interested to rent a almond tree. I love almonds and I am very sad to see the pasteurization process going on. I already "own" a cow where I get my raw milk and cream that I love!!! Keep the good work.
Brigitte Savignac from Edmonton


I'm interested in the almond tree share (I did the Bariani olive oil buy a few months ago). Maybe those of us in Berkeley can arrange distribution so we don't all have to hook up with you in SF.


That would be great.

Tish, You're definitely a nutter. and Tara, the farmer would pick and package.

Love this idea and this site. I'm new here. Count me in on the tree share!

I would love to be a part of the tree share.

Please let me know.


You caught me with the Jojaba oil - I'm a Haushka user but will check out the more local product! Thank you. And I'd love to be a part of the tree share. What a great idea.

Thank you.


I would love to be part of a group purchase for raw almonds and greatly appreciate this post and opportunity! Thank you, Carla!

There are lots of almond orchards within an hour and a half of the SF Bay Area's inner core, not so many in the immediate area. Many of them are small, and associated with farmers who sell them through farm share boxes, farmers markets, etc. but quite a lot are associated with Diamond in Sacramento.

Pasturizing almonds wastes energy, as well as changing the nut, and I'm all for demanding a legal right to eat unpasturized nuts. I don't remember reading about our right to them in the Constitution, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a legal right.

I would like to buy an almond tree share or fresh unpasterized almonds, when they are harvested.

Yes! Let's keep the almonds as the trees grow them!
Claudia, Oakland, CA

Thanks Steven for this info. I would love to participate in the almond tree share. I prefer my almonds in the shell, if possible. I know that steam is often used to shell nuts.
Lois Williamson

Wonderful! I'd love to participate in this.


I am also interested in participating in the nut share.

I live in VA but would love to find a farmer in my area to do this.

I'd love to be added to your Raw Almond tree share list. I'm in---just let me know when and how much. Thanks from Shana in Berkeley

I would like to buy a tree share or buy directly from the farmers.
Tank you for making this possible.

Brilliant idea! Is there a Tree Share in the N.Y. area? Do we go to pick the nuts ourselves? Please keep me posted on the Tree Share. Thanks.

I would be most interested, and I am pretty sure I would NOT be the only one here, in South Florida.
Thank You!

You can definitely count me in! I love almonds, and absolutely hate the idea that the ones you see in the store that "say" they're "raw," might still be pasteurized, because the new law says they can still claim them to be "raw," even when they're pasteurized.

Do you know Pasteur created pasteurization for beer? I read that somewhere.

All these health idiots in our "wonderful" FDA, and the rest of our government, just have it in their stupid heads that all "bugs" must be bad. God forbid, someone should get a little sick from eating a raw almond! Or even from drinking raw milk!

My health has much improved since I discovered raw milk. And I can tell the difference when budget constraints force me to buy the cheaper, pasteurized, homogenized "crap."

So, when I looked at "raw" almonds at Whole Foods, yesterday, I had to wonder, are they truly "raw?" Doubt it.

So, absolutely, I would love to get in on this "tree share" idea. Just let me know when or where and how much.

Yes, I am very interested in the "tree share" idea. I am mostly raw foodist and eat a lot of raw almonds. They are the best nut. Want nothing to do with pasteurized ones.

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