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November 30, 2006

Local Buffalo Mozzarella ALERT

Bubalis_1 Speaking of mozzarella...Northern California-based Bubalus Bubalis Mozzarella is looking to crack the fresh mozzarella market with its water buffalo mozzarella. Sales of the cheese from its 200-head water buffalo herd hit $1.0 million last year as the operation produced about 150,000-lbs. of the cheese which fetches upward of $20 a pound at retail, according to the International Herald Tribune.

Nutritional benefits of buffalo-milk mozzarella (from the Bubalus website):

  • One of the lowest caloric levels of all types of cheese with a balanced content of proteins and fats.
  • Considerable amounts of calcium and vitamin D
  • An amount of mineral salts inferior to seasoned or dry cheeses
  • An amount of lactic enzymes similar to that of yogurt, rich therefore in high probiotic qualities such as the production of vitamins of the B group
  • Presence of L-lactic acid, the only isomer of lactic acid compatible with the human organism, contrary to yogurt and other types of cheese which contain an equal amount of both L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid, the latter being non compatible with the human metabolism.

When I checked their site, I could find no northern California retail stores that sell the cheese. I emailed them to ask why. I'll report back to this post when they respond.


Ok, good news. It is available around these parts! Here is the response...

Hello Carla,
Thank you for you inquiry. Here is a list of places I know we have the cheese available, also some of the Wholefood stores.
Mill Valley Market, Star Grocery, Rainbow Market, Woodland Market, Pasta Shop, Berkley, Olive's Gourmet Market,Ferry Building CowGirls, Urban Fresh Organic Market, River Cafe and Cheese Shop.

Best Regards,
Hanns Heick
Bubalus Bubalis

Oh, and by the way, the price (as indicated on their web site) for this cheese is slightly cheaper, ounce per ounce, than Gustosella. $.938 per ounce vs. $1.202 for Gustosella. Can't wait to try it. If anyone tries it or has tried it, please post! ~carla

Check with you local Costco. In Fountain Valley (Orange Co.) they sell it.
about 2lbs for $7.00.
I have purchsed it for over two years every weekend

Sam, welcome to LF and thanks for the tip! I'll check that out up here in SF

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