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October 20, 2006

Raw Milk - Tell Us Your Story!

Megaphone_1 I'm on a raw milk tangent this week.

I would love to hear how raw milk has positively affected your health and well being
Please tell us your story!

- Carla


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I am a huge fan of raw milk and cultured raw foods. I believe that "living" food, with its natural enzymes and friendly flora, are key to human health. Our family considers raw milk a "gift of the gods!" Plus the flavor is INCREDIBLE. We never seem to get sick, or if we do, recovery time is quick! Bonus: my teenager has NO ZITS!

Raw milk has a bad rap because of dirty farmers. The ones I know about nowadays are reputable. IMHO, pasteurizing milk is a bad idea...you lose all the good stuff. Testimonial? I've been drinking raw milk for 80 years and I'm not dead yet.

My 9 month old baby has food sensitivities to alot of food, but needed to be eating more. I finally found the solution in raw milk mixed with water and a little gelatin to make it more digestible. She's THRIVING now!

My health began to decline after I gave birth a second time. I couldn't exercise without getting exhausted and had a lot of trouble gaining muscle. When I learned about how colostrum is a superfood, I bought a few pints. I would drink a half pint in the morning before my workout and I could literally workout five times harder and could feel my muscles and energy running through them. It also took away my son's eczema. I love Organic Pastures milk! I'm so grateful to them for their dedication in providing this great food to the public.

I sincerely hope that raw, well, I mean real milk is never taken away from us. I raised my children on raw milk, cheese, acidophilus milk (kefir) and butter. Today as adults, they are healthy and well and I will always attribute their good health to raw milk products and good food. Today, when I see what people feed their children, I can't help wondering how they will probably suffer from starving bodies when they get older. The enzymes and health benefits really do outweigh any risks...My children are beautiful adults today with beautiful skin, wonderful bone structure and great teeth...My 42 year old daughter is yet to have a cavity. When she goes to the dentist, they all gather around her to look at her pretty teeth! I will always be an advocate of raw milk. Thanks! Adriana

I am 65 years of age and have lived in NJ for 40 years. I was raised in Switzerland. We only drank raw milk and I have a great immune system. I almost never get any colds etc. I am in very good health and I really would like to be able to get raw milk again!
Regards Elizabeth A. Oehler, Montville, NJ 07045

I'm about to share something very gross and embarassing just to let everyone know how thankful I am for raw milk. I used to eat a lot of soy products and that led to major constipation and eventually anal fissures. Nothing had helped until I decided to drink raw milk for health reasons (not for the fissures & constipation) and the problem went away. I still have constipation once in a long while but no tears yet. Sorry to gross anyone out.

I have enjoyed drinking raw milk for over 50 years and continue to do so.I can buy on the farm or in stores in Maine but have to resort to pets only while in Florida. As a member of "The Weston A. Price Foundation" I can read about the reasons for the health benefits that I enjoy through their quarterly magazine. I just know that I am never sick and feel much younger than my 58 years. My children were raised on raw milk and never had any ear infections or health problems. Both are good atheletes and don't carry any extra weight.They will take a glass of raw milk over a high fructose corn syrup soda any day.

I have been drinking raw grass fed organic cholostrum and milk produced by Organic Pastures Dairy for about a year. My digestion and overall health has improved. Bloating is gone. It seems the cholostrum really helps me to avoid getting the winter time flu/cold/fever illness that is quite a common occurance among my coworkers. Thank you Organic Pastures & all you other responsible grass fed raw milk producers!

My family and I were living in the foot hills of California in 1980. My children always got poison ivy every summer, a guy told me to get a milk goat, tie it in poison ivy and milk it for the kids to drink (RAW). I did this for six weeks, and have been drinking it ever since. My kids became immune to poison ivy,they could pick it roll in it and never got it again. in fact they were 8 and 10 years old at the time, after building up there immune system, 26 six years later my boy got poison ivy again, I asked him if he wanted me to tie a goat up in the poison ivy for him and he replied, I'd rather have my beer. This is a true story, the only thing is: you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I'll bet any amount next summer he will change his mind, and it will be his (IDEA).

My husband became lactose intolerant and had digestion problems that were very dibilitating. I had begun drinking raw milk and eating raw cheese about a year ago and I kept after him to try raw diary products to see if it would help. Finally he listened to me and he feels awesome. He is able to eat cheese again! He is able to drink a glass of delicious milk and he is thrilled! Thank you SO much for your wonderful life giving product. Cheers!

Following is a comment posted on the Salon article, The Udder Truth. ~Carla

We have been drinking raw milk now for over 2 years. My husband has Crohn's disease and he almost died on our vegetarian diet. We switched to a vegan diet thinking he would get better but not only did he get worse, my breast milk began drying up and my 6 month old daughter stopped defecating. We found Dr. Cowan and the Weston Price Foundation and within 7 days my husband was again walking upright and was able to go back to work after being bedridden for 3 months and having lost over 25 pounds (and he didn't have much to spare to start with only weighing 145). My daughter began having normal bowel movements after I incorporated meat and dairy into my diet and feeding it to her as well. I was not going to feed my child some gross chemical concoction of formula that has no actual resemblance to food. We drink raw milk and eat raw cheese, in fact we make our own ice cream with raw milk and raw eggs and have yet to ever get sick from it. My kids are rarely ill, have never had an ear infection and we never have to go to the doctor. Now a days, how many people can say that?

To the poster who said that people didn't used to drink milk long ago I say that that is totally ludicris.

To the article writer, Hannah Wallace, I say that you did not really do your research and were not objective. The answer to the question is not "No" but "Decide for yourself based on the information provided and research that you do yourself". When did reporting stop being objective and unbiased? Why?

Although the CDC describes links to raw milk and E Coli there were NO proven links to the raw milk if you carefully read the articles. From an article dated Nov 2006, "Multidrug-resistant Salmonella Typhimurium Infection from Milk Contaminated after Pasteurization" is listed on the CDC's website under the search of Raw Milk. In an article dated Oct 6, 2006 "Healthy Pets, Healthy People" there are no actual links to real outbreaks of illness, just scare tactics with no proof behind them. Most of the illnesses reported were done so during the 1980's and are not current. The few that are current do not actually prove that illness came from raw milk but merely speculates that raw ilk could be a cause as in the case of the article dated Oct 6, 2006 they say "IN THEORY, it is possible for rabies virus to be transmitted via milk, but THERE ARE NO PUBLISHED STUDIES that have demonstrated the presence of rabies virus in cows milk". This is merely speculation to scare people away from raw foods. DO the research yourself folks and really pay attention to what you are reading.

The children who almost died in California almost died after being given antibiotics which caused their kidney failire; the children who were not rushed to the hospital all recovered with no problems. There was no E Coli or other bacteria found at Organic Pastures dairy before, during or after the outbreak so how can the outbreak be traced to his farm?

We know where the contaminated spinach came from, it was traced. So how can raw milk be getting the blame if no trace can be found? It is the first step in a shut down that is starting to happen. Raw milk is a big threat to the dairy industry (and the chemical makers that support it not to mention big oil that gets it shipped all across the nation).

What does anyone else care if we drink raw milk? If you don't want to then don't but don't put your fear onto my food choices. I think pasturization is bad but I'm not trying to get the industry shut down, I just don't support it or buy those products.

-- Allison

Hi, Help, I need answers. I get raw milk from a local farm and have love it for years. Just got some milk that smelled like throw up and tasted so bad. My son had already consumed qquite abit, and has not gotten sick-yet. What causes this horrible smell? What could make the milk taste and smell like throw up. I will contact the farm, but I want to be informed. I really don't know much about the farm. Help! Any info would be appreciated.


This is the smell of soured milk.

Refrigeration could be the problem. Raw milk needs to be kept very cold. Also the shelf life is much shorter - it's a living product. Remember that one of the big reasons that big dairy loves pasteurization is because it extends the milk's shelf life. It deadens everything and renders it less nutritive, but it sells more milk.

When you buy raw milk at the farm or store, it needs to be brought home immediately and refrigerated.

I have noticed a huge variance in how long raw milk will "keep". it depends on so many factors at the farm.

I have consumed raw milk that was starting to go bad and didn't get sick. This is probably because it's more acidic and the good bacteria have had time to go to work on any bad bacteria (if they even exist). So hopefully your son's system will pass it without consequence.


Hi Carla, Thanks for your response. As it turned out, I think it was so bad because the cow was "drying up". They(the farm) was trying to dry up this cow and according to them, sometimes this can produce bad milk. This is second hand, so I am really not sure. It was more than sour, it was putrid! Anyway, my son did not get sick, but it did make us a liitle leary. It may be a red flag that this particular farm is not as conscientious as they need to be. Thanks, Barbie

Well,finally.....I am able to drink milk once again! I am 74 and remember when.....milk came in bottles, the cream was on the top, when it "tuned" it was "clabbered" not ROTTED,(so it could STILL be used) it was delivered to the door, and I never had any flatulence from drinking a glass of milk now and then. I truly appreciate the RAW MILK and RAW CULTURED PRODUCTS, not only for the great taste, but for the "healthy benefits" that come from leaving ALL the natural vitamins & minerals in tact. I do not believe in "extending" the shelf life of any food product by pasturization or by picking crops early & green just so they travel well by the trucking facilities. Fruits & vegetables should be eaten when they are "fully ripe" containing ALL the natural vitamins & minerals. This goes for our milk supply also. I am greatful for people who feel the same as I do and strive to produce the BEST of foods, the Best in RAW MILK PRODUCTS.-----joan

I am a believer in whole natural food I refuse to eat or drink anything that is altered. I always believed that milk does a body good and it is the best nutrition we can have in our diets. We can even live on milk alone. I always hated the milk found in markets. It's tasteless, pasturiezed and destroyed. It is no more nutritional than a coffee beverage at starbucks. One day I decided I had to have raw milk and would go to great lengths to get it. I came across Organic Pastures milk.

I tried it and it was the best yummiest milk I have ever tasted. I sort of developed an addiction to its flavor. I have been drinking it for a year now. I never once got upset stomach from it. I feel great I haven't been sick since I started drinking it and my skin has never looked better. I tell everyone I know about it but people think I am nuts for gambling with raw milk and think I am taking a health risk but I think they are just IGNORANT. Raw milk is enjoyed all over the world except here in north america where people find alcohol and cigarettes which are poisons easier than real milk. People think that drinking alcohol up to 10 cups a week is not a health hazard but drinking a glass of fresh raw milk is risky and that is a pity.

I gave our 4 year old neighbor a taste of the cream. She begged me for more she said it is so yummy. Her mother wasn't too thrilled about it because she fears raw milk but she once fed her son 3 donuts for breakfast so go figure...

I am so happy that there are people out there like Organic Pastures that actually thinks healthy and natural and humane. It gives me hope for the future. We need to start demanding our rights for whole natural and unprocessed food if we can accoplish that we would live disease free and have a lot more money to spend for our pleasure than to fatten the doctors and insurance companies pockets.

I live in New York City and do not seem to be able to find raw milk, either in stores, or delivered by farms. There is a farm coop nearby, that, the add says delivers in NYC, but they do not respond to telephone calls and seem not to have email address. I anyone has any information on the subject maybe you could post it, or send me an email. Thanks a lot

I have been drinking raw milk from Organic Pastures for a couple of months now...the cost seemed prohibitive at first (I have eight little Lambies, so we can really go through the milk!), but now, after using it and seeing my daughter's excema disappear and my lactose intolerant son enjoying it so much, I am hooked! The taste is rich and full, the texture smooth and its not thick, as I had imagined it would be. Now most of our dairy comes from home-made kefir, but I make sure they all get glass of milk a day! I make about a half gallon of kefir a day! BTW, my cat won't touch store bought milk...he never would! I should have figured it out years ago from his example!

I love Organic Pastures raw milk. I can't really say that it helped me get over any illness because (gracias a dios) I don't have any, but every time I drink a glass of the kefir I make from the raw milk, I feel such a wonderful rush of energy and life force.

Now when I drink or eat other products made from milk, even "organic" pasteurized milk, I get a serious case of the willies.

I recommend raw, organic milk (and usually cultured) to most all of my patients, and I have seen great improvements to their health once they start.

I truly attest to the fact that Organic Pastures raw milk significantly helped or possibly was solely responsible for curing my asthma. I realize this is a huge statement, but I stand by it. It was the main product I took consistently that eliminated my asthma. Prior to drinking Organic Pastures products, I could barley have a normal conversation when I had my asthma attacks, which were fairly consistent. I had a little cough on and off throughout the year. Also, I frequently coughed when I laid down, subsequently I had a hard time falling asleep at night.

I am asthma free for over 5 years. Also, my wife would typically get bad allergies, etc. and Organic Pastures raw milk virtually eliminated them. When something truly works, I believe it is our individual responsibilty to let other people know.

Organic Pastures makes a truly wonderful product. Ever since I was a kid, I used to have tiny bumps on the back of my arms. After I started drinking your raw milk, I noticed that these bumps disappeared and my skin got much smoother. Also, my teeth have always lacked calcium and if you looked close up, you could see "through" them at the edges of each tooth. Now, I have noticed that these have been filling in over the past few months. Also, I used to constantly be congested and now that I understand that the pasteurization process and not the milk itself is the cause of this problem, I drink your raw milk every day. I really wish I had known all this when I was younger (because I would probably be a lot taller) but am glad that I know this now. If I ever have kids, they will definitely be drinking your raw milk too. Organic Pastures raw milk has truly made a positive impact on the quality of my life.

Raw Milk nearly killed my daughter. I understand why it is illegal in MOST states.!!! But hey, more power to the people that want to drink a glass of BACTERIA.

A year and a half ago I started getting infection after infection. First a double ear infection, next time I got sick it developed into another double ear infection and bronchitis, at that point I also experienced asthma for the first time in my life. A while later I ended up with a sinus infection. Through all this I of course took tons of anitbiotics. I continued to have asthma, I started to develop joint pain, and blood tests came back with markers for rheumatoid arthritis. At some point during my sinus infection which lasted for a few weeks, I started eating yogurt for the probiotics to recover from the antibiotics because I had been feeling constantly sick to my stomach. This led to much research, and my sister actually read about raw milk. I started drinking it and also cut out a lot of the unhealthy foods I had been eating, which the milk helped curb the cravings significantly as my body adjusted. Within a few months I was feeling much better, still fought asthma a bit, but not life-threatening. Went back to the doctor to check on the R.A. and blood tests showed no signs. It had stopped cold in it's tracks. Now this last winter while I have gotten an occassional cold/flu, I recovered from each faster than ever in my life, and no secondary infections. Over all I just have so much more energy, and I can tell the difference if I slack off the raw dairy for any length of time. I absolutely love raw milk! I am now just 19 years of age and actually feel younger and healthier than I did a few years ago.

My adopted son has been on a raw milk formula since he was 1 month old. He has thrived, has strong healthy bones and teeth and loves his milk. I recently started to drink it myself (I never was much of a milk drinker) and have started to make my own keifer. Our family rarely gets sick! I am more than willing to pay for shipping as I can't buy it in my state. Thanks Organic Pastures!

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